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What does it mean when an affiliate program says your leads are hard coded to you?

The short answer. Hard coded leads are GOLD!

Most affiliate marketing programs use tracking that eventually will limit what the affiliate will earn as commission and will eventually funnel the profits away from you and to the affiliate program or company. You may be familiar with tracking cookies with a certain amount of days attached to them.

For example, let’s say you use your affiliate link to promote a product that has a 30 day tracking cookie for its affiliates. You promote it, and people visit the link, maybe someone buys something and you get a commission on that person’s purchase. However, not everyone was ready to buy and two months later they type in the address of the website and make a purchase. You get nothing. Or the original person who did make a purchase goes back a year later and loves the product line, so they are a regular shopper of this company now. You get nothing additional to your original commission.

A much better and more lucrative scenario is if your leads are hard coded to you. Forever.

When your leads are hard coded to you, you receive a commission on everything they purchase forever.

For example, you are part of a program that has hard coded leads. You send out your link or have it in a blog post and people start to click it. They follow it and are most likely offered a free membership among what is available to purchase. They sign up for the free membership! Just like that they are hard coded to you as the affiliate that referred them. Forever!

Now time goes by and they make a purchase. You get a commission. Another year later they decide to make another purchase. You get a commission. Let’s say they are on a monthly recurring plan. You get a monthly recurring commission. This is cumulative. As you build your referrals and leads it grows and grows. You can see how, especially over time this would be more and more lucrative and advantageous.

Just a reminder in this second scenario, if this was a thirty day cookie and not a hard coded program. You would get NOTHING!

There is another advantage that is often found in programs that offer hard coded leads. They may also have 2 tier commissions. Ka-ching!

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