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MAP is a new affiliate marketing ecosystem that will launch to the public June 26, 2024. Until then, and only until then, you can join as a backer. Backers will have Platinum level membership for life and will not pay annual or monthly membership fees, but will enjoy some of the highest commission rates for life. After launch you can join as a regular member with the levels below.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions for MAP

High Commission Rates & High Commission Niche

One referral that pays for one year of Platinum level membership is a commission of approximately $566.

Once a referral is yours, it’s yours for life. For example, someone uses your link and signs up for a monthly account. You are paid a commission on it monthly and every time they make a purchase. Imagine, overtime as you accumulate more referrals that pay on an ongoing basis and each month and year your income grows, without any extra effort.

There are also 2 tier commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions for MAP

In Just the First 45 Days

MAP launched phase two of development on February 21, 2024. At that time the website launched, the training and affiliate program launched and backers were allowed to start advertising. Below shows the affiliate commissions of the top 10 MAP affiliates. The commissions earned are so high that the program changed from monthly payouts to daily.

At the time of writing this, 45 days in, the total commissions earned have already exceeded a total of $300,000.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions for MAP

To Learn & Start Affiliate Marketing – I Recommend MAP

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