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MAP is a New Affiliate Marketing Eco System

Training, Tools & High Ticket Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate & Digital Marketing Training

  • Successful Insider Tips & Knowledge

  • High Value Marketing Products & Tools

  • Live Training

  • PLR Products Included

  • Done For You Traffic (Backer & Platinum)

  • Built In High Ticket Affiliate Program

  • 100% Commission on Upsell 1

  • 75% Commission on Levels (Backer & Platinum)

  • 50% Commission On Upgrades (Backer & Platinum)

  • 10% Commission on Clicks

  • 3rd Party Commissions

  • 25% 2 Tier Commissions (Backer & Platinum)

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MAP Will Launch To The Public June 26, 2024

  • Until Launch, And Only Until Launch, You Can Join As A Backer

  • Backers Will Have Platinum Level Membership For Life

  • Backers Pay Just One Time

  • Backers Do NOT Pay Annual Or Monthly Membership Fees

  • Backers Will Enjoy Some Of The Highest Commission Rates For Life

  • Backers Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

  • If You Wait Until After the Launch, You Can Only Join as a Regular Member

  • Become a Backer and Pay One Time. Become a Regular Member and Pay that Amount Annually

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🔍 Explore the blueprint that’s helping marketers unlock their full potential, build sustainable income streams, and achieve their dreams faster than they ever thought possible.

Affiliate marketing has long been a gateway to online success, offering the freedom to earn from anywhere in the world. But with the digital landscape evolving at lightning speed, traditional strategies just don’t cut it anymore. It’s time for a change. It’s time for innovation. It’s time for MAP – Master Affiliate Profits.

🌟 Why MAP? 🌟

Imagine having a comprehensive toolkit at your fingertips, designed not just to navigate but to dominate the affiliate marketing space. That’s exactly what MAP offers. But what makes MAP stand out in the sea of online strategies?

Tailored Training Across All Levels: Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, MAP’s video modules cover everything from List Building to Social Media Mastery.

Exclusive Access to the Inner Circle: The VIP level isn’t just a membership; it’s a partnership. Get one-on-one coaching with industry leaders, ensuring your affiliate strategy is not just implemented but optimized for maximum profit.

100% Commissions for Life: Yes, you read that right. VIP members enjoy the unprecedented benefit of earning 100% commissions on MAP level sales, redefining passive income.

A Dynamic, Supportive Community: Join a network of ambitious marketers in a collaborative ecosystem, where success is shared, and growth is a collective goal.

🎉 But That’s Not All… 🎉

MAP is more than a program; it’s a movement towards smarter, more effective affiliate marketing. It’s where cutting-edge tools meet actionable insights, creating a path to success that is both clear and achievable.

Are you ready to be part of the affiliate marketing revolution? To forge your path to online success with a system designed for today’s digital world? Then MAP is your answer.

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MAP Launch Timeline

2023 Phase One – Concept Launched

First chance to become a backer

Feb 21, 2024 Phase Two – Website Launched for Backers

Phase Two is your last chance to become a backer

June 26, 2024 Phase Three – Launches to the Public

Phase Three, you can join as a regular user, but can no longer become a backer

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