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Affiliate marketing can be a form of passive income, but it depends on how you approach it and the level of effort you put in initially. Here’s why:

Initial Effort:

Setting up an affiliate marketing system requires upfront work. This includes choosing the right affiliate programs, creating content (such as blog posts, videos, or social media posts) to promote products/services, and building an audience or traffic to your platform.


Once you have your affiliate marketing system set up, it can become relatively passive. For example, if you have a blog with affiliate links embedded in your posts, you can continue to earn commissions from those links as long as the blog remains active and continues to attract visitors.


While affiliate marketing can be passive to some extent, it still requires ongoing maintenance. This includes updating content, monitoring the performance of your affiliate links, and adjusting your strategies based on changes in the market or affiliate programs.


One advantage of affiliate marketing is its potential for scalability. As you build your audience and create more content, your income from affiliate marketing can grow without necessarily requiring a proportional increase in effort.

Overall, while affiliate marketing has the potential to generate passive income, it typically requires upfront effort and ongoing maintenance to be successful. However, once established, it can provide a relatively passive stream of income compared to other forms of online business models.

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