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Follow Me On My MAP Journey

This is my personal diary of my experience as a MAP backer. I don’t hold back. I share what I am doing, how I am feeling about it and my honest personal experience. In a lot of ways, I am writing it for myself and it includes; my to do list, my personal daily stats, and the leaderboard for everyone. I started documenting my experience in the blog posts below on the first day when phase two launched February 21, 2024. I invite you to follow me on my journey, join in as a backer too, or ask any questions in the comment boxes.

MAP is a new affiliate marketing ecosystem. Created by two top affiliate marketers, it is affiliate marketing training by the pros and also an affiliate marketing platform with a built in affiliate program. You have one link, some of the highest commissions (hello 75%), big ticket items, small ticket items. ongoing memberships, and your referrals are locked in for life. Tell me more

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