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What Is MAP?

MAP is a new comprehensive affiliate marketing ecosystem crafted to address the challenges faced by affiliate marketers. In a digital landscape saturated with fleeting trends and elusive success, MAP emerges as a symbol of pioneering ideas, education, and empowerment for both novices and seasoned marketers alike. At its core, MAP surpasses conventional affiliate marketing training programs by offering a holistic approach that combines education, practical tools, and a supportive community into a singular, dynamic platform. Tell me more.

MAP Journey – Day 3

What I Got Done Today

In MAP Training I Watched Today

  • None, whoops.

What I Did Today To Work On My Business

  • I wrote this blog post.
  • I added an additional relevant blog post to this site.
  • I created a post with links to this site for a Facebook group of mine for another business that I think would benefit from this.
  • I created a post with links to this site for a Facebook page for my website development business for followers who would benefit from this.
  • I invited people to my new Affiliate Facebook Group from another Facebook group of mine that I think would benefit from this.
  • I added a note to the landing page that it is temporary and will soon be where they can find the Affiliate Marketing Prosperity blog.
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Day 3 Running Stats Summary

Things To Do

Choose an email service.

Pick the design for this website, so I can launch it.

Do some more MAP training. I think I will take each category at a time and go through each level.

Add the Facebook Group link in the main menu of this website.


Add to the end of your One Link ?tid= with your personal choice of letters or word after = to denote location. ie what website you used the link or that it went out to an email list, etc.

Insights & Things I Learned Today

I am still not sure where all of my “One Clicks” are coming from.

“One Clicks” are clicks from my link that I have put out.

“Earned” are clicks that were sent from MAP. They have sent me 29 so far. This requires the person they sent it to take an action, like click on a link in an email, so they probably sent out many more.

How I Am Feeling About MAP Today

I am still excited. I am happy with myself for the steps I have taken. I am proud that I have worked on it and done a post every day. I am getting in a better head space for going at my own pace. If I take a few steps everyday that is wonderful. I am thrilled for the others who have done so well and are on the leaderboard. I am always hard on myself, so the late start made me push to work a bit more each day than my health can handle. There was the sense of fear of missing out, but I know I will do my best when I feel aligned and not stressed, even when it feels like an excitement stress. Self care will come first. I am pushing myself (in a good way) a bit beyond my comfort level by reaching out through social media to my other businesses, but only to those who would benefit.

Leaderboard Day Three

Leaderboard for this month, starting Feb. 21. It shows the top 10 affiliates and their earnings. The names have been removed for privacy. My name is not on there yet, but it will be soon.

Bethanne Stephan

I have been an entrepreneur for over 26 years. I am so excited to delve deeper into affiliate marketing now here with you. No matter what your level my aim is to provide content to help or inspire you to grow your passive income. My background and businesses include; web development, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, online retail, digital product creation, funnels, drop shipping, import/export and artist. Whoo, if that sounds exhausting, it's because IT IS! That is why it's time for me to take my affiliate marketing to the next level and create passive income. I invite you to follow along and grow with me on this site. Be sure to check out "Follow Me On My MAP Journey". Let's Do This!

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