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What Is MAP?

MAP is a new comprehensive affiliate marketing ecosystem crafted to address the challenges faced by affiliate marketers. In a digital landscape saturated with fleeting trends and elusive success, MAP emerges as a symbol of pioneering ideas, education, and empowerment for both novices and seasoned marketers alike. At its core, MAP surpasses conventional affiliate marketing training programs by offering a holistic approach that combines education, practical tools, and a supportive community into a singular, dynamic platform. Tell me more.

MAP Journey – Before Day 1

I joined MAP as a MAP Backer several months ago, while it was in phase one. At that time there was not really anything tangible. There was a pitch video and honestly I did not really understand what this new platform was or what it was going to be.

I reached out to John Thornhill by simply replying to the invitation email. He responded to my questions immediately! Ok, there was some trust built right there. I still could not quite wrap my head around this concept that did not exist yet. The sales pitch was really strong in both a good and not so good way.

It was good because clearly they were good at selling. They are not wanna be gurus who make money just by people paying them to be gurus, if you know what I mean. They know what they are talking about. They are the success stories and if they are going to give that knowledge over to those who want to learn then man what an opportunity. It also seemed like they were so good at selling then maybe they could also be selling me something that was too good to be true. I had to think on it. I went back and forth between the two extremes. ‘Don’t miss out. This is an incredible opportunity!’ to ‘What are you nuts. Just wait and see what this thing is going to be.’  Well, quickly the opportunity disappeared and just like that I regretted not taking the opportunity. I thought, when phase two opens, I am just going to go for it.

By that point, I was thinking of it differently. I began to think of it as an investment. Investments usually come with risk. In my mind at the time, I was still having the all or nothing perception of it being a high risk “winner or loser”. But my gut was saying ‘do it’. So my overthinking head asked my gut why. And I got an answer.

This is when I realized, this is an investment. Not a risky investment. At a minimum I am investing in my knowledge. I will have access to insider knowledge. I can use it in my own businesses, I can start a new business and I can use it in my clients’ businesses. A course that includes everything that this new platform includes costs way more than the investment in this opportunity and it is a one time investment that has a potential to pay off huge. They also send you their own traffic and give 75% commission on it. So, at that point I had my answer. I was going to invest in a start up with huge growth potential and I was going to invest in myself to learn skills that I could take with me in all of my businesses.

They decided to open phase one up one more time and I jumped on it. There was nothing built, but they started doing weekly videos to show the progress. Finally, a couple of weeks ago those of us in phase one, known as Backers were able to log in to the website and see everything being offered.

I am thrilled! I am so excited for this going forward. Within the first 3 minutes of the first training video I watched, I was learning new information. If you don’t know, I have been in marketing for over 20 years. If anything, it gave me a different way of thinking of things. This is why you find people who have had the success you want to have – and find out how they do it!

Today marked Day 1 of Phase Two. We can now officially invite the next wave of Backers before people are limited to join the platform as just members.

I will be documenting my experience for at least the next 30 days as I go through the ever expanding training and also build a new business around their affiliate program. I don’t really know how to keep things to myself, so you are going to hear it all.

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MAP Journey – Day 1

What I Got Done Today

In MAP Training I Watched Today

  • Your Map Link Explained
  • Creating A Tracking ID
  • Using A Redirect
  • Traffic Training
  • Getting Traffic The Right Way

What I Did Today To Work On My Business

  • I wrote this blog post, lol
  • Set my Affiliate name (I opted to use my real name, though you can choose what you want for your own account)
  • Created the Facebook page and group for this website
  • I purchased a few domain names to redirect to my affiliate link ( is my domain registrar of choice)
  • I installed and started using the Pretty Links plugin for WordPress
  • I set up images with affiliate links on a couple of my existing websites and used pretty links to track traffic sources
  • I learned that my new gmail account was marked as suspicious, so I had to submit a ticket for assistance with them. No, I hadn’t used it yet.
  • I worked on the design of this website to get it ready for launch.
  • I installed a plugin that I have tried on other websites and love for quick linking words and links throughout the whole website from one easy location. You can find it here.

Day 1 Running Stats Summary

Things To Do

I have two types of traffic in my MAP stats: One Click and Earned.

The Earned is coming from MAP. The One Click is coming from my link. I have many that are not showing where they came from. I am going to be more diligent about adding to my link for location.

I need to choose a new email service. Aweber is being suggested. I had a bad experience with another provider and removed all of my lists that have now gone un-nutured.

I need to get this website launched, so I can run Facebook ads to it.


Add to the end of your One Link ?tid= with your personal choice of letters or word after = to denote location. ie what website you used the link or that it went out to an email list, etc.

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I have been an entrepreneur for over 26 years. I am so excited to delve deeper into affiliate marketing now here with you. No matter what your level my aim is to provide content to help or inspire you to grow your passive income. My background and businesses include; web development, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, online retail, digital product creation, funnels, drop shipping, import/export and artist. Whoo, if that sounds exhausting, it's because IT IS! That is why it's time for me to take my affiliate marketing to the next level and create passive income. I invite you to follow along and grow with me on this site. Be sure to check out "Follow Me On My MAP Journey". Let's Do This!

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